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The holiday season is upon us. And for most of us, it will include visiting friends and family, indulging in delicious food and getting seriously off of our schedules and routines. As much as we enjoy it, it can wreak havoc on our immune systems. Here are pro tips on staying healthy through it all! […]

The Premium IV Therapy is our one-stop IV drip for complete wellness and support. All the benefits you could imagine in one combination! Includes rehydration with 1000ml of IV fluids and electrolytes. Contains B-Complex, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Carnitine, Arginine, and high dosage of Glutathione. Let’s take a look at what makes […]

Botox is a drug that has been used for years to treat wrinkles and facial creases by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can’t contract. That makes wrinkles relax and soften. Botox is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye), and frown lines. If you love the affects […]

As we move into the cooler months, we are often drawn to familiar, seasonal flavors (pumpkin spice, anyone?) and comforting, warming meals.  Fall foods are rich in many nutrients and add new seasonal variety as the summer fruits and vegetables disappear. To stay as healthy as possible, eating a balanced and varied diet full of […]

Summer and fall favorites collide in this moist and delicious sweet bread that’s loaded with nutritious pumpkin, zucchini and whole wheat flour. Make a few loaves at once and freeze so you have plenty to last, they go fast! Whole Wheat Zucchini Pumpkin Bread INGREDIENTS 2 cups King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour 1 teaspoon baking soda […]

There isn’t a better time of year to enjoy smoothies. The variety of fresh fruits available in the summer allows you to get creative and break away from the usual banana-frozen-berry recipe. Using the right combination of summer fruits as they come into season – berries, peaches, pears, apricots or melons will turn out a […]

With school starting and pumpkin flavors showing up everywhere, it’s nice to get excited about fall! But we are long way from seeing cool temperatures in Middle Tennessee. The average daily high is still 85 in September and 78 in October, which means long days working outside can still put you at risk for dehydration […]

As summer starts to wind down and the kids head back to school, now is the time to start preparing to prevent fall viruses. According to the CDC, flu season is October – May, but peaks December – February. Here are our top tips for keeping you healthy through the fall… Implement an immune boosting […]

We’ve all heard that when you’re sick to eat chicken soup and drink hot tea. But can food really make you better? And perhaps more importantly, can food keep you from getting sick in the first place? Actually yes, the right diet can help you prevent illness and recover faster. No single food is a magic […]

If there’s one thing that can disrupt an already busy parents life, it’s a sick kid! There are plenty of things you can do to help prevent illness, like washing your hands regularly and keeping away from sick friends and family, but the best way is making sure you put tons of immune boosting foods […]


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