Keep Your Body Healthy
with IV Hydration Therapy

Drinking plenty of fluids is vital to your health. In addition to preventing athletes from performing at their best, poor hydration can cause a host of health problems: from heart, brain, and muscle deficiencies. The registered nurses and paramedics at Tennessee Hydration & Wellness understand the virtues of hydration and have found the perfect solution to hydration deficiency: IV Hydration Therapy.


Ready to get started?

Most treatments are completed in 30-45 minutes. In a short amount of time you will be out the door and feeling great.

Fast Treatment &
Enjoy Results


Upon arriving you will have a consult with a practitioner. Based on your specific needs they will create the perfect therapy for you.

Consult with Practitioner
Upon Arrival


Schedule Your Appointment
or Walk In

You can either call and schedule an appointment or just walk in when you need a treatment. Please arrive at least 90 minutes before we close.


How it Works


Not only did I have immediate relief of my symptoms (indulging in too many adult beverages the night before), but it was surprisingly relaxing. I was greeted at the front door by the owner Valerie. She welcomed me, and offered me assistance on what treatment would work best with my dehydration. We decided to go with the Recovery drip. I was nervous about the actual needle part of the process, but the nurse who performed it virtually made it quick and painless. Everything was extremely clean, and I observed constant sanitation by staff. I was left alone in my recliner with the lights off, and a peaceful Himalayan salt lamp. I was offered a blanket, water and was checked on regularly to make sure I was comfortable. The iv lasted about 25 minutes and I was feeling 100% after. Overall VERY impressed, and I will be back.

My first time ever going to an IV Therapy clinic, and wow. 

VERY impressed!



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