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Everyone knows the life giving benefits of donating blood for the recipient. According to the Red Cross, around 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed in the U.S. daily. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. Since blood can’t be made or manufactured, these patients depend on blood donors for their very […]

No need to pass up dessert at this year’s Memorial Day gatherings to stay on target with your weight loss goals! This low-calorie heavenly mixed berry trifle made with fresh summer blueberries and strawberries, white chocolate pudding, angel food cake, and whipped cream from www.skinnytaste.com is a healthier holiday dessert. Take the traditional angel food […]

In our weight loss journey, we often focus on diets and exercise routines, overlooking key factors that can significantly impact our progress. Among these factors, hydration, detoxification, and maintaining a healthy lymphatic system play crucial roles in optimizing weight loss efforts. Understanding their importance and incorporating them into our wellness routines can help unlock the […]

Summer is golf season and if you enjoy a good game of golf then this blog is for you! Golf is a sport that requires a combination of physical and mental skills. A golfer needs strength, flexibility, and balance to hit the ball accurately and consistently. Moreover, a golfer must also have a clear mind […]

We are excited to share our new May offerings and updates with you! Please note, we will be closed Sunday, 5/14 for Mother’s Day & Monday, 5/29 for Memorial Day. MAY SPECIALS PURCHASE  An Anti-Aging/Beauty IV Drip ($239) GET A FREE COQ10 SHOT ($45 Value) MOTHER’S DAY O‍n M‍ay 10, get a $150 BOTOX Cosmetic gift […]

Spring means wedding season in Tennessee and it’s almost here. For most grooms and brides to be, between the guests to impress, all of the photos, and the honeymoon, a lot of focus is going into looking and feeling their best for the big day. Here’s a game plan and how we can help you […]

Smoothie bowls are a great way to get a ton of nutrition in a convenient, delicious meal. This one is packed with ingredients to get your skin healthy & glowing. Avocado. Avocados are known to hydrate the skin, bringing back that glow we all love. Mangos and pineapple. Mangos contain carotenoids, which help our skin glow. And […]

Beautiful spring days bring lots of outdoor work from now til late fall. While it’s nice and moderate now, those high summer temps are right around the corner. 80 degree days are just a couple of weeks away and the temps only go up from there. And long days working outside can still put you […]

Just as the tread on your tires wears away over time, the cartilage that cushions your joints can break down, too. And without enough padding, your bones will hurt when they rub against each other. Joint pain can be felt in multiple parts of the body. Common causes of joint pain are age, weight, previous […]

Spring is here and that means most of us are starting to freshen up our look and prepare for summer. As we’re starting to spend more time outside, wear lighter clothing and focus more on looking & feeling fit. We want our face to look clear, fresh & have a healthy glow and our body […]

“Detox”…it’s become a trendy buzzword lately, but it’s actually a very important step that should be a part of everyone’s health regimen. If you ignore detox, your health could suffer. Why Detox? With excessive toxin exposure and stress, our natural detox pathways can become compromised. The need for detoxification is based upon the principle that […]


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