Staying Hydrated While Working Outdoors

With school starting and pumpkin flavors showing up everywhere, it’s nice to get excited about fall! But we are long way from seeing cool temperatures in Middle Tennessee. The average daily high is still 85 in September and 78 in October, which means long days working outside can still put you at risk for dehydration and the complications that come with it.

If you work in construction, HVAC, roofing, welding, landscaping, or as a lineman, you are especially at risk for dehydration during high temperatures. The importance of staying hydrated at work can’t be understated. When you are dehydrated, you’re often incapable of working to your full potential. This can make for slower rates of productivity and an increased risk of accidents and injuries. Read on for pro tips to stay healthy and hydrated!

1.Pre hydrate. Start hydrating the evening before and the morning of when you know you’ll be spending all day out in the heat.

2. Drink water frequently during the day. If you wait until you feel thirsty to take a drink, you’re already on your way to being dehydrated. Plan to drink one cup of water every 15 minutes so you can stay hydrated all day. Fruit infused water is a great way to add extra vitamins and tastes great!

3. Add electrolytes. When you sweat, you lose beneficial electrolytes. Replenish your body with a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink.

4. Limit caffeine & alcohol. Both have a diuretic affect and can contribute to dehydration.

5. Dress for the heat. The clothing you wear can help you stay cool and avoid heat stress. Choose lightweight cotton that promotes airflow and avoid synthetic materials that trap heat when possible. A sun hat can also protect you.

6. Take regular breaks. Take regular breaks to hydrate. While you might not think you need to set aside time just to drink water, it’s easy for the day to slip away when you’re busy working.

7. Make sure you know the signs of dehydration! Does your skin feel dry, irritated, inflamed, itchy, or sensitive? That’s a sign of dehydration. Experiencing a headache or feeling dizzy or fatigued? These are signs, too. Muscle cramps, rapid breathing, fainting, and not urinating (or having very dark yellow urine) are others. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, the simple solution is to get out of the heat and drink plenty of liquids. There are small over-the-counter options like Pedialyte and Hydralyte that balance out electrolytes and sodium with dehydration as well. If your dehydration is severe, call 911.

8. IV Hydration. When you drink from a water bottle after a workout the tissues in your throat and along your digestive tract absorb most of the liquid. But, all of the tissues in your body need to be hydrated. That’s the reason you have to drink a lot of water to sufficiently hydrate yourself. Hydration IV therapy injects the fluids directly into your bloodstream so your body can deliver the fluids where you need them most. It’s a faster, more efficient way to hydrate your body. Hydration IV therapy allows you not only get hydrated, but you also can refresh and replenish your body with the nutrients you need right away.

And, because it is so efficient, hydration IV therapy helps your body recover faster than drinking fluids does if you are dehydrated. The mixture of vitamins, nutrients, and fluids that you get with hydration IV therapy allows you to get back to feeling great in no time.

We have several IV options perfect for preventing or recovering from dehydration for outdoor workers. You can check out our Hydration, Rehydration or Recovery Drips here or we find the perfect IV for you based on your specific needs. Call or walk in today!

Stay healthy!

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