8 Activities for Outdoor Exercise

Summer is a great time to shake up your fitness routine and have some fun with friends. Adding more outdoor activities is a great way get fresh air and a boost of Vitamin D. Here are eight ways to get moving in the sunshine this summer.


One of the great things about gardening is that it can be very therapeutic, almost like a meditation. It’s easy to get carried away and feel truly “in the moment,” which is why it’s so important to move around mindfully. But, there is a lot of lifting, bending, squatting and engaging large muscle groups. It’s sometimes suprising how sore you can be after a day spent in the garden!

Yard Yoga

Grab a mat or towel and take your routine outside. As you breathe deeply, you can enjoy the sweet air of summer. If you don’t know a routine, search for one online, purchase a video or attend a local class until you’ve learned a safe way to do the movement.


Swimming is a wonderful way to stay cool while working out. Choose a variety of strokes to keep your body from doing the same motion repetitively. Make sure to wear and reapply sunscreen!


Call friends and organize a weekly or monthly time to get together to go hiking. Exercising in a group will keep you all accountable and make the time fly by!


This is a great upper body workout and method for cooling down on hot days. Choosing a small, calm body of water and a good friend can make this activity especially enjoyable.


If you aren’t a golfer, you may want to consider giving it a try. It’s a low impact activity that not only helps your physical fitness but your mental fitness as well. It’s social, helps reduce stress & anxiety and helps maintain mental alertness.

Regardless of how you choose to stay active this summer, staying hydrated is very important. This Fruit Infused Water recipe is great to take with you to help stay hydrated. You can prep for an especially strenuous day with a Performance or Hydration IV Drip or recover if you over do it with a ReHydration IV Drip.

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Stay Healthy!

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