Fighting Winter Viruses

On average U.S. adults experience between two to 4 colds each year. And in the winter in particular, the cold, dry air and lack of sunlight negatively affect our ability to stave off respiratory infections like the flu or Covid. But there are things you can do to help prevent catching a virus or lessen the symptoms if you catch one.

  1. A dose of Vitamin D. Have you ever noticed that cold season hits when sunlight is at a minimum? In fact medical studies link an intake of 800 to 1000 IU of vitamin D3 a day to decreasing your chances of coming down with a winter cold.
  2. The zinc link. Popping zinc lozenges or tablets when you feel the initial symptoms of a cold can stop a cold in its tracks and lessen the duration.
  3. Cook with garlic. Long used as a traditional home remedy for its antiviral prowess, garlic can help ward off a cold.
  4. Get more sleep. If you feel a cold setting in the best thing you can do is catch up on your sleep due to the simple fact that sleep boosts immune function.
  5. Drink more water. Hydration and drinking more water when you are sick can actually cleanse your nasal passages of bacteria particles.
  6. Probiotic power. Medical studies link probiotic supplements (i.e., LGG and BB12) to decreased chances of catching a cold, plus, taking them can cut the duration in half.

At Tennessee Hydration we have IV’s and injections that can assist with increased immunity to help prevent illness and decreasing down time if you do get sick. You can learn more about those by clicking here or call our office at 615-553-2202 and we will help you find the right therapy to reach your goals!

Stay healthy!

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